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About us

We are a folk group playing mainly popular music based on Slovenian traditional tunes. The group was formed in 1981 in Stari trg ob Kolpi, a lovely village in Bela Krajina, one of the most pleasing regions in Slovenia and the favourite theme we sing about. Our waltzes are calm, our polkas are lively. Such is the country on the sunny side of the Gorjanci: placid, warm, full of hills planted with vines, embellished with birches and enriched by people that would not let you go past the vineyard cottage without having offered you a glass of fine, soul-cheering vine.

To the standard trio (diatonic accordion, guitar and bass) we added “tamburica”, a traditional string instrument related to tamboura, that distinguishes us form other Slovenian folk bands and gives us a characteristic sound.

The refined music is composed and arranged by the group leader Toni Verderber, original and sensitive texts are written by Fanika Požeg, Toni Gašperič, Ivan Sivec, Ivan Malavašič and Slavko Podboj.

We have released numerous well-received recordings, and several were given special awards for popularity. They include eleven audio tapes: Vračam se domov (Coming Home, 1986), Pri nas Belokranjcih (With The People of Bela Krajina, 1989), Staro vino – star prijatelj (Old Wine – Old Friend, 1991), Nič ni lepšega (There Is Nothing So Beautiful, 1992), Naši uspehi (Greatest Hits, 1993), Pojdi z mano (Come Along, 1995), Gospodična (Miss, 1997), Zibka (Cradle, 1999), Teci, teci, Kolpa moja (Run, Run, My Kolpa River, 2000), Pisanice (Easter Eggs, 2002), Pobarvala sva liste (We Have Coloured The Leaves, 2004); eleven compact discs Naši uspehi, Pojdi z mano, Gospodična, Zibka, Teci, teci, Kolpa moja, Pisanice, Pobarvala sva liste, Vem za deželo (I know for the country, 2009) together with three special CDs, Žarek spomina (Ray of Remembrance, 2006) featuring the songs on the best texts by Toni Gašperič, and Čaša sreče (Cup of Happiness, 2008) with the songs made on the texts by Fanika Požek, Kruh ponoči spi (The Bread sleeps at night, 2009) with the songs made on the texts by Ivan Sivec and a video tape Pri nas Belokranjcih.

For our work we have been awarded several important prizes, e.g. Župančič Diploma for special cultural achievements, a bronze and golden Slovenian Nightingale, Orpheus of Ptuj Festival, Best Tune of Radio Slovenia, Best Tune of many local radio and TV stations, and many others.

We have been performing all over Slovenia at all main festivals and events, and are standard guests in the most popular radio broadcasts and TV shows. Well over 100 of our tunes are stored in the archives of Radio Slovenia. We regularly appear abroad, on the stages of Austria, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, France, Sweden, USA and Canada.

Our programme includes pop music as well, and our performances are often animated by renowned entertainers.